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Aviation Safety


Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro has started the campaign "Safe Drone Operations"

Aim of this campaign is to inform the public about regulatory requirements in area of drone operations, which are incresinfly used in Montenegro. Within campaign, we would like to also invite the drone owners to record their drones at Agency, if they have not already done this.

All pertinent information for safe drone operations are available here.

You can watch informational videos here.

CAA promotional video:

"Please be informed of the prerequisite for a safe flight"

The Government of Montenegro, at the meeting on 02 July 2009, adopted the decision establishing the Civil Aviation Agency (Official Gazette of Montenegro No 45/09), and hereby established, under the article 5 paragraph 1 of the Law on Air Transport (Official Gazette of Montenegro No 66/08), the Civil Aviation Agency for the purpose of performing affairs in public interest in the area of civil aviation.

The Agency has the character of legal entity and under the Law on Air Transport (Official Gazette of Montenegro No 30/12) and the Law on Amendments to the Law on Inspection Control (Official Gazette of Montenegro No 57/11) performs the inspection control. As laid down in provisions of the Law on Air Transport, the Agency shall perform inspection and continuous control carried out by experts and inspectors with authorizations granted by the Law on Air Transport and the Law on Inspection Control.

The Agency shall be independent in performing activities from its scope and accountable for its work to the Government to which it submits the annual work report.

The Agency bodies are the Council of the Agency and the Director of the Agency. President and members of the Council of the Agency are appointed in July 2009, and the Council of the Agency appointed the Director of the Agency, with the assent of the Ministry, on 14 September 2009.

Internal organization and the way of work and management in the Agency are established immediately after establishment of the Agency, for the purpose of ensuring lawful, professional, efficient and rational performing of affairs and tasks of the public interest for Montenegro in the area of air transport, determined by the Law on Air Transport, concluded international agreements, European Union regulations and rules and standards referring to the safety and security in the air transport.

The additional information on the Agency may be found here.


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Passenger Rights

Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) can be found
Aeronautical Information Publication for flying under Visual Flight Rules (VFR AIP) can be found here.

Leaflet on SAFA programme can be found here.