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Aerodrome Section shall perform administrative and oversight activities, as well as related study and analytical and normative legal activities related to: designing, construction, reconstruction and signage of aerodromes, movement areas, aircraft, passengers and baggage groundhandling facilities, and other facilities that ensure safe take off, landing and parking at the airport; issuance of approval for construction or reconstruction of aerodromes and airfields; assessment of fulfilment of requirements for use of aerodrome; issuance of aerodrome operating approval; issuance of aerodrome certificate; aerodrome record keeping; aeronautical obstacles; aerodrome maintenance; aerodrome services (groundhandling of aircraft, passengers and baggage, rescue and fire fighting protection and aeromedical service provision); assessment of training centres qualification criteria and establishment of training programmes for aerodrome services personnel; aerodrome flight information service; drafting proposals for improvement of conditions at aerodromes and airfields; drafting of aviation regulations applicable to aerodromes in accordance with international conventions, standards and recommendations and other activities related to the scope of the Section.

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