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Air Navigation Services > Communication, Navigation and Surveillance services Section (CNS)
Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Services (CNS) Section recommends requirements for organisation and performs certification, oversight and implementation of regulations in the area of communication, navigation and surveillance services that include:

i. Communication Services (COM), which means aeronautical fixed and mobile service to enable ground-to-ground, air-to-ground and air-to-air communications for ATC purposes;
ii. Navigation Services (NAV), which means those facilities and services that provide aircraft with positioning and timing information;
iii. Surveillance Services (SUR), which means those facilities and services used to determine the respective positions of aircraft to allow safe separation.

The Section cooperates with International Telecommunication Union and other competent authorities from this area with regards to matters related to electromagnetic spectrum used for aeronautical communication, navigation and radar coverage and frequency allocation for aeronautical purposes, in accordance with the Law on Air Transport and international standards; implements the ICAO Annex 10; arranges planning and protection of frequencies of NAV equipment and systems from interference of FL radio stations; HF and VHF protection; recommends, monitors development and improves standards for use and allocation of SSR codes for civil/military purposes, maintains international coordination and cooperation related to COM, NAV and SUR.