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Aviation Safety > Aviation Activities Section
Aviation Activities Section shall perform administrative and oversight activities, and related study and analytical and normative legal activities related to: air transport and other civil aviation activities; requirements for transport in commercial air transport and requirements for other civil aviation activities; aeronautical sports activity and Montenegro Aeronautical Sports Association; requirements for obtaining Air Operator Certificate; issuance of operating licence and Air Operator Certificate; flight preparation; operating control and traffic monitoring; keeping register of air operators and other organisations from aviation industry; establishment and assessment of requirements for leasing of aircraft, establishment and assessment of requirements for transfer of rights and liabilities to aviation authorities of other countries; final preparation and flight documents; flight schedule, traffic performance; aeronautical personnel training programme and issuance of required documents; aeronautical personnel training centres; keeping register of aeronautical personnel; approval of manuals on flight operations organisation; draft of aviation regulations from this area and other activities related to the scope of the Section.