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Director of the Civil Aviation Agency Dragan Djurovic elected as member of the ECAC Coordination Committee
Director of the Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro, Dragan Djurovic was elected today in Paris as a member of the Coordinating Committee of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), one of the most important European aviation institutions. Djurovic has been elected unanimously by 44 member countries of the European Civil Aviation Conference.

Signed Memorandum of Understanding between Montenegro and Republic of Bulgaria
Director of the Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro, Dragan Đurović, and Director of the Civil Aviation Administration of the Republic of Bulgaria, Ivan Ivanov, signed a Memorandum of Understanding between two aviation authorities on 25 April 2017 in Sofia.

Cooperation in the area of civil aviation connects France and Montenegro

The Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro and the French Institute, in cooperation with the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) organised last night the Day of the French Aviation on the premises of the Contemporary Art Centre of Montenegro in Podgorica. The exhibit of photos representing the development of the French aviation took place in full hall of the Club gallery, where the documentary film “Le Bourget”, dedicated to the first airport in Paris, was presented.

Announcement: 22nd ECAC Security forum
ECAC Security Forum (European Civil Aviation Conference Security Forum) was held in Bečići in Splendid hotel on 18 and 19 October 2016.

Announcement: 39th Assembly of the ICAO in Montreal
The 39th Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Conference (ICAO), which is held every three years, shall take place in Montreal, Canada, in time period between 27 September and 07 October 2016, and it shall be attended by more than 1500 representatives from 191 ICAO member state.

The Visit of the EASA Executive Director to the Civil Aviation Agency
The first official visit of the Executive Director of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Mr Patrick Ky to Montenegro, was started with the meeting with the Civil Aviation Agency representatives. The purpose of the visit was to acquire information on aviation safety in Montenegro.

The second meeting of the Steering Committee for realisation of Technical Cooperation Programme between Montenegro and France
Technical Cooperation Programme, signed in 2013 by Montenegro Civil Aviation Agency and Directorate General for Civil Aviation of France enabled realisation of 10 activities, which provided significant contribution to further professional improvements of human resources and application of recommended practices in aviation.

Significant progress of Montenegro in the field of civil aviation
Mr Frank Brenner, the Director General of the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation EUROCONTROL, is visiting Montenegro, and his visit is an important indicator of recognition of accomplishments made by Montenegro Civil Aviation Agency and overall development of civil aviation in Montenegro, according to the words of Mr Djurovic, the Director General of the Civil Aviation Agency.

Announcement: Montenegro in the European One Stop Security system
Today, the European Commission stated its positive opinion on request of Montenegro for application of One Stop Security system in air transport.

New air transport navigation system tested in Montenegro
Pilots from the Civil Aviation Agency have successfully completed trial flight using for the first time new PBN navigation concept and EGNOS satellite system, which is operable in Europe in the last two years. The new PBN navigation concept is based on aircraft navigation performance and primarily enables better accuracy during the flight.

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