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Cooperation in the area of civil aviation connects France and Montenegro

The Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro and the French Institute, in cooperation with the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) organised last night the Day of the French Aviation on the premises of the Contemporary Art Centre of Montenegro in Podgorica. The exhibit of photos representing the development of the French aviation took place in full hall of the Club gallery, where the documentary film “Le Bourget”, dedicated to the first airport in Paris, was presented.
Organisation of the Day of the French Aviation in Podgorica is the result of great cooperation between France and Montenegro in the area of civil aviation, according to the organisers. That was also confirmed by the ambassador of France, Christine Toudic, who stated that the relations between the two countries can be additionally improved.

The civil aviation is important for the development of economy, first of all tourism, because tourists come by airplanes. That segment provides space for improving our relations. The agreement providing for the precise forms of cooperation is signed in Bourget in 2013. For the purpose of following that path, I am at the disposal, and I expect from other party the same commitment”, the ambassador Toudic said.

Director of the Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro, Dragan Djurovic, reminded that the first flight in Montenegro was 100 years ago, in 1913, in Cetinje. Type of the airplane conducting the first flight was Blériot, which was produced in France.

The Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro, as recently stated by the director of the European Aviation Safety Agency, shortly after its establishment took the leading position in the region. On the other hand, France was and still is the milestone of development of the European aviation. Even today, Airbus and ATR are dominantly produced in France, and France has highly important role in development of aviation technique, procedures and environment protection. Due to all of this, we are happy to have great cooperation with the aviation authorities of France. For a small country such as Montenegro it is an exquisite privilege“, Djurovic said.

Director of the civil aviation authority of France, Patrick Gandil, informed audience in the Contemporary Art Centre about numerous pioneer achievements of French airmen and French aviation, as one of the oldest in Europe.

The Frenchman Clément Ader managed to leave ground with his aircraft and climb dozens of meters in park at the southeast of Paris on 9 October 1890. If we take in consideration number of attempts and number of significant improvements achieved, it can be said that the ground of Isi Le Mulino, where it was conducted, is the cradle of aviation”, Gandil concluded.

The importance of civil aviation for France was described by the inspired ambassador Toudic using the quote of Leonardo Da Vinci. “Da Vinci said that once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return. Always, man dreamed of flying and that dream became the reality. I am convinced that this day dedicated to the history of our aviation shall inspire Montenegrin audience to keep dreaming in accordance with this nice exhibition”, the French ambassador concluded.

Statement of the ambassador of France in Montenegro, Christine Toudic, can be seen here.
Statement of the director of the Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro can be seen here.

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