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Novosti i press
Promotional campaigns: DRONES AND PARAGLIDERS
Unmanned aircraft, better known as drones, are being more present at Montenegrin sky. They have great possibilities, whereas their safe piloting is of importance.
The Civil Aviation Agency, competent for inspection supervision of use of drones, launched the campaign with the objective to provide education to drone operators and general public on the manner of their use. One of campaign objectives is to call for drone operators to register in the Agency.

The agency also launched the campaign relating to paragliders. Many tourists are interested in this sport, and the objective of the Agency is to introduce the rules regarding meeting preconditions for safe paraglider flight to all.

Promotional banners of the Agency can be seen in July, August and September at portals:: Vijesti, CDM, Portal Analitika and Antena M.

Promotional banner can be seen here.