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ANNOUNCEMENT: Delegation of the Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro visited Federal Aviation Administration of the United States of America
Delegation of the Civil Aviation Agency (CAA), in the period between 29 October and 3 November 2017, visited Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States of America.
The delegation consisted of the following members: Zoran Đuranović, ANS Division Director, Mileta Nikolić, Aviation Safety Division Director, Marijana Vukčević, Senior Advisor International Cooperation and Veselin Popović, Safety Manager.

Time in Washington was organised through the four-day activities covering the information from the following areas: aircraft operation, airspace management and airspace classification, SMS and SSP, unmanned aircraft, airports, development of the American civil aviation system through the NextGen programme, safety of RWY procedures, transport of dangerous goods, promotion of safety and analysis and investigation of occurrences and accidents.

Likewise, the CAA delegation was participant of the regular Runway Safety Council meeting and it had the opportunity to visit Baltimore Airport and Ronald Raegan Airport.

This visit is only the first step in the forthcoming strengthening of communication and cooperation at the CAA-FAA level, and experience gained through this visit will be of great use during the future improvement of the Agency activities.