Air Navigation Services

The Air Navigation Services Division performs activities within the competence of the National Supervisory Authority (NSA) related to certification and continuous oversight of air navigation service providers providing one or more services. The Division performs studies, analytical, normative, legal, administrative and oversight activities related to use of airspace and safe, regular and expeditious air traffic flow. The Division prepares and monitors implementation of the adopted airspace strategy and use plan; recommends airspace standards and standards for communication, navigation and surveillance in airspace; is accountable for standards application in airspace classification and design; performs inspection and assessment of the noise level and engine emissions and issuance of relevant documents; it is in charge for international coordination and cooperation related to airspace design and regulations applicable to airspace use and air traffic management and flow strategy; coordinates, formulates and publishes occasional changes in air traffic use for the purpose of fulfilling particular requirements. The Division determines requirements for organisation, certification, oversight and application of regulations from areas of: Air Traffic Management (АTM); Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS); Aeronautical Meteorology Services (MET), Aeronautical Charts (AC) and Aeronautical Information Service (AIS); Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) and environmental impact of air traffic (noise and pollution) and, with regard to this, environmental protection, and enables the implementation of the ICAO Annexes and Documents (DOC) and Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs), EUROCONTROL Safety Regulatory Requirements (ESARRs), ECAC standards and requirements, and EU regulations and directives. The Division performs activities related to preparation of individual acts from this area (licences, certificates, approvals, etc.) and activities related to drafting aviation regulations in compliance with the Law on Air Transport, existing international agreements, EU regulations and rules and standards applicable to safety and security of air traffic.