The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) conducted ATM/ANS standardisation inspection in the period between 20 February 2024 and 23 February 2024, with the objective to determine compliance with appropriate regulatory requirements of the European Union in Montenegro.


The inspection was conducted in premises of the Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro, pursuant to provisions of the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 628/2013 on working methods of the EASA, since the Agency is the National Supervisory Authority – NSA in Montenegro. The team of EASA assessors also visited units of Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency – SMATSA llc, that are located at Tivat airport and Podgorica airport, due to the fact that the SMATSA llc is air navigation service provider in airspace of Montenegro.


At the conclusion meeting, the EASA expert team emphasized, having in mind numerous European regulations whose implementation is verified, that the high level of compliance with ATM/ANS regulations is verified in this EASA standardization inspection.


Based on all the above mentioned, it can be stated that this standardization visit ended very successfully and that the Agency still keeps high level of meeting obligations regarding implementation of the European aviation regulations in Montenegro