Assignment of parachute licenses

Regarding the granting of first licenses to parachuters after more than 30 years, the Agency for Civil Aviation of Montenegro provides information:

For years, our aviation sports fans trained and obtained permits abroad. Even the oldest airliners do not remember the day the last time the parachute licensing exam was organized in Montenegro.

These days, the Civil Aviation Agency conducted the first laying-off of the theoretical and practical part of the parachute exam after more than 30 years.

Members of the Aeronautical Association of Montenegro, 19-year-old Ana-Marija Grubač, Aeroclub Nikšić and 27-year old Stojan Saković, Aeroclub Podgorica, were examined.

Both candidates showed a high level of necessary knowledge on the theoretical check in the Civil Aviation Agency, after which they took the practical part of the exam at the sports airport Kapino Polje in Niksic. Ana-Marija and Stojan successfully jumped out the required items in a free-fall, and convinced the members of the Agency's examination committee to safely and safely manage the parachute, 2000 meters in jumps, proved by grounding in a circle of 25 meters in diameter.

Stojan and Ana-Maria were granted parachute licenses at a special ceremony at the Civil Aviation Agency.