A constituted Safety Review Board

In the Civil Aviation Agency, a Safety Review Board was established. The Board was constituted in accordance with the National Air Traffic Safety Program, the Handbook for Managing Risks in the Civil Aviation Agency and international standards. The committee consists of: the Director of the Agency, Dragan Djurovic, who is also the Chairman of the Board, Director of the Sector for the Safety of Air Traffic Mileta Nikolic, Director of the Air Services Sector in the Airspace Zoran Djuranovic and the Manager of the Security Risk Management System, Radomir Janjušević.

The role of the committee is, among other things, to establish and coordinate the activities of the Agency's permanent and interim bodies related to air traffic safety, as well as to continuously monitor the safety and aviation safety levels in Montenegro, develops, promotes, proposes the improvement of the aviation legislation to the competent state organs.

By establishing and activating this committee, the Agency gives another contribution to the promotion of air traffic safety in accordance with European standards.