High Level of Aviation Safety is the European Priority

Keeping high level of aviation safety is a priority for the European aviation authorities, and it is currently one of the key challenges in this area, as stated by the Executive Director of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Mr. Patrick Ky.

At this moment, we are facing two main challenges in civil aviation. The first one is to keep the highest level of safety, as the public expects us to do, while the second challenge refers to the environment protection and it is to maintain aviation growth, but in a sustainable way”, Mr Ky said in his interview for the Montenegrin media. 

While speaking about sustainability in aviation, Mr. Ky said that the EASA actively deals with emissions from aircraft, as well as eco labels. “When you purchase refrigerator, there are eco labels A, A+, B, B+. We are trying to introduce similar concept for airlines, airplanes and airports. That will enable passengers to choose way of transport in accordance with ecological registration or label”, Mr. Ky explained. 

That process will last, since, according to his words, issuance of eco labels requires total transparency, so no one can deny once granted eco rating. 

Issuance of airplane eco ratings is relatively simple due to the fact that such data are already at our disposal, but when talking about labels for airlines and airports, it is much more complicated work. In their case there is a question what do we want to measure, is it only the impact of aircraft operations or sustainability policy of airports or airlines“, Mr. Ky stated.

Mr. Patrick Ky stayed in Montenegro this week since our country was chosen to host the prestigious EASA International Cooperation Forum, that took place in Budva, and it was participated by high representatives of aviation authorities from 47 countries from all over the world. While stating great pleasure for being in Montenegro the second time, the first man of the EASA emphasised: “From the professional aspect, we see the Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro as a really strong partner in the region, and it is very stable, professional and robust agency. That is also a reason for choosing Montenegro to host this Forum that gathered around 100 participants and that was very successful.

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