The Institute for Public Health of Montenegro announced interim operational guidelines for air transport

The Institute for Public Health announced interim operational guidelines for air transport. The interim operational guidelines arrange the conditions in accordance with which the Montenegrin airport operator and Montenegrin aircraft operators, conducting passenger transport operations, will ensure health and safety of passengers, as well as the staff and crew who serve them, by maintaining safe and secure operations whilst minimising the risk of virus transmission. 

Guidelines are developed in accordance with the document developed by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). Observing of general prevention measures is of key importance.  

Interim operational guidelines imply that: 
-    The unwell passengers should not engage in travel,  
-    In the airport building, apart from staff only passengers holding a ticket and special categories (accompanied children, sick persons, persons with disabilities...),
-    Wearing of masks is obligatory for staff and passengers,
-    When sneezing, mouth and nose should be covered with a paper towel or an elbow,
-    Meticulous hand hygiene,
-    Maintaining physical distancing wherever possible,
-    Regular informing of passengers and 
-    Cleaning and disinfection of airport building and aircraft.

Proposed measures will be regularly evaluated and updated in accordance with changes in knowledge of the risk of transmission, as well as with the development of other diagnostic or preventive measures. 

The link to the document:

EASA COVID-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol, that was the basis of this document, is available at the following link:

The other EASA documents regarding the covid-19 can be found at the following link: