Jeopardising aviation safety by using unmanned aircraft during flight operations conducted for the purpose of fire extinguishing

Unmanned aircraft operators and pilots are warned that it is strictly forbidden to conduct flight operations with unmanned aircraft, near and within areas where emergency intervention is performed, such as fire extinguishing, search and rescue activities and similar, unless they don’t hold the approval of relevant services competent for emergency interventions.

Search and rescue service also has in its possession unmanned aircraft used for the purpose of locating fires, so there is no need that other unmanned aircraft operators participate these activities, unless the competent services granted them the approval.

Use of unmanned aircraft in operating zone of fire–extinguishing aircraft directly jeopardises safety of aircraft and ground resources engaged in these activities. In case pilots of aircraft engaged in fire extinguishing identify unmanned aircraft in zone of their activities, operations will be stopped and that will complicate prevention of fire expansion and increase risk of damage that may affect facilities and jeopardise human lives. Likewise, in zones caught by fire, the visibility is reduced, and thus the fire-extinguishing aircraft pilot is disabled to identify unmanned aircraft and timely react in order to avoid collision with it.

We hereby call all the unmanned aircraft operators and pilots, as well as media, to behave responsibly and not to use unmanned aircraft for recording in zones of emergency intervention, as well as not to publish video footages of areas caught by fire and other areas where emergency interventions are performed, so they would not interrupt or complicate performing of emergency intervention and therewith jeopardise lives and properties at the ground.