3 weeks 6 days

Acting Director of the Civil Aviation Agency, Mr. Ivan Scekic, and his associates, had a meeting with Mr. Costas Christoforou, the IFATSEA Regional Director – Europe and Mr. Nikola Cojic, the IFATSEA Executive Board member.

At the meeting, cyber-security in ATM and aviation in general was discussed, as well as the importance of human factor and of ATSEP personnel in this area.

The collocutors agreed that cyber-security in aviation presents particularly important topic and the efforts should be made with objective of continuous improvement of protection system, identification of weaknesses and implementation of efficient protocols.

The Acting Director provided additional information to his collocutors on actual activities the Agency conducts in this domain, with... OPŠIRNIJE

1 month 4 days

Russian citizens, as pilots, are permitted to fly a UAS in Montenegro for the benefit of operators that are not subject to the sanctions in accordance with Decision on the introduction of international restrictive measures ("Official Gazette of Montenegro", No. 3/2016, 8/2016, 41/2016, 11/2022 and 40/2022) which stipulates that landing off, take-off or flying over the territory of  Montenegro are not allowed to aircraft which are owned or chartered or otherwise controlled by a Russian natural or legal person, entity or body.

It does not matter whether those Russian citizens have a residence in the Montenegro or not.

Russian citizens are not allowed to fly Russian-registered UAS or non-Russian registered UAS that are owned or chartered or otherwise controlled by a Russian... OPŠIRNIJE

1 month 6 days

On 18 March 2024, Ivan Scekic, MSc in Air Transport and Traffic Engineering, is appointed as the Acting Director of the Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro.

Mr. Scekic, as the Air Navigation Safety (ANS) Division Director, actively participated in work of the different safety and ATM/ANS bodies on national and international level: National Airspace Management Committee, EASA Technical Body, ICAO European Region Aviation System Planning Group (EASPG), ICAO EUR Search And Rescue Task Force, Regional Search and Rescue Advisory Committee (RASARAC), etc.

Pursuant to his empowerment, he is very well acquainted with civil aviation authority activities, both on internal and international level