4 months 1 day

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) published joint statement including the latest advices and updated information regarding COVID-19 virus.

As signed by the WHO Director General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreiesus and ICAO Secretary general Dr Fang Liu, the statement also confirms dedication of the UN specialised agencies to promotion of larger international cooperation in containing the virus and protecting the passengers' health.

The statement emphasises importance that the ICAO and WHO Member States follow standards related to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and that they follow international medical regulations (2005).

Joint statement complements current efforts of the ICAO and WHO as an answer to... OPŠIRNIJE

5 months 1 week

In Wuhan, China, on January 2020, cases of disease caused by coronavirus were reported. The disease starts with increased body temperature and coughing, and in more severe cases, it can result in pneumonia with heavy breathing.

Having in mind intensive migrations of Chinese population, particularly due to the celebration of the Chinese New Year and beside the huge measures of restraining migrations of Chinese citizens and putting all towns into quarantine, the confirmed cases appeared in other parts of the planet very soon.

It is determined that the virus is transmitted from a man to a man and it can be transmitted in the incubation period as well (that can take up to two weeks), without visible disease symptoms.

The disease symptoms are increased body temperature... OPŠIRNIJE

7 months 1 week

The Civil Aviation Agency celebrated 10 years of its work

The Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro celebrated 10 years of its existence, and in the first decade it was developed into sound and credible aviation authority. The results of the Agency were recognised by all the most important institutions and organisations in Europe, and by the United Nations as well. Montenegro is among the highest ranking countries as regards the compliance with international ICAO standards in civil aviation, and it is also part of the One Stop Security system, i.e. it applies standards equivalent to the standards in the European Union member states.

"Today, ten years later, we have the Agency whose quality and results are... OPŠIRNIJE