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The interview with the director of the Civil Aviation Agency, Dragan Djurovic, is published in Inside Industry Magazine.

Safe skies in Montenegro

11 months 3 weeks

There is more than 7,700 civil helicopters in Europe, that are very important for the Community, because they provide assistance such as urgent medical transport, oversight, assistance to the police, and they are often used as a support to the sector of agriculture.

According to the statistics, there is one helicopter accident each week at our continent.

For the very reason to improve safety of helicopter operations @EASA provides detailed analysis regarding the safe helicopter operations in Europe at this page. 

https://www.easa.europa.eu/... OPŠIRNIJE

11 months 3 weeks

Within the intensive Safe Drones Operations campaign, the Civil Aviation Agency installed the first signs on forbidding drone operations in Podgorica airport zone and Tivat airport zone.

The drone operations are forbidden in immediate vicinity of airports, and all the drone operators will be warned about that by the internationally recognised No Drone Zone sign.

In case it is necessary to perform the drone operation in the airport zone, the drone operator is obliged to ask the competent air traffic control for the approval. 

In case of illegal drone operations, there is a possibility of fines and court procedures for jeopardising public order and peace. 

The Civil... OPŠIRNIJE