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ANNOUNCEMENT: Delegation of the Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro visited Federal Aviation Administration of the United States of America
Delegation of the Civil Aviation Agency (CAA), in the period between 29 October and 3 November 2017, visited Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States of America.
The delegation consisted of the following members: Zoran Đuranović, ANS Division Director, Mileta Nikolić, Aviation Safety Division Director, Marijana Vukčević, Senior Advisor International Cooperation and Veselin Popović, Safety Manager.

Time in Washington was organised through the four-day activities covering the information from the following areas: aircraft operation, airspace management and airspace classification, SMS and SSP, unmanned aircraft,... OPŠIRNIJE

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The workshop "Air passenger rights" organized by the Civil Aviation Agency was held today in Podgorica. 
The workshop was participated by the representatives of the Civil Aviation Agency, The Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs, national air carrier Montenegro Airlines, Airports of Montenegro, as well as by the representatives of the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency, Tatjana Valle (Head of Agency Office), and lecturers Ana Kapetanović (Head of International Affairs and Air law Department) and Ivana Cestarić (Air Law Specialist). 
During the workshop, the regulatory framework for protection of passenger rights was presented to the participants, in the light of international and national regulations. The lecturers also presented verdicts of the... OPŠIRNIJE

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The Council of the Civil Aviation Agency has today elected Dragan Djurovic as Director of the Agency by unanimous decision of the current members.
In the opinion of the Council members, the Civil Aviation Agency has become a respectable aviation authority in the previous period, and all European aeronautical institutions have confirmed its results. Thanks to the engagement of the Agency, an efficient oversight system in civil aviation has been established and an impressive number of bylaws issued by the Agency has enabled the full implementation of European aviation regulations into our legal system. The leading role of the Agency in the One Stop Security Project should be particularly emphasized, whereby Montenegro, in addition to the United States and Canada, has been... OPŠIRNIJE