Obligatory occurrence reporting for more safe air transport

Aviation personnel is obliged to report occurrences that influence or that may influence air transport safety, in order to prevent potential adverse outcomes for human lives and aircraft as regards airport operations, but also to prevent repetition of mistakes that can cause severe consequences.

This is the basis of the Agreement on Mutual Cooperation signed by the Supreme Court and Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office with the Civil Aviation Agency that implies application of Just Culture.

Apart from the National Investigation Commission of Accidents and Serious Incidents of Aircraft and the Civil Aviation Agency, the institutions with the important role in the process which receive reports on occurrences that may influence air transport safety are the Judiciary and State Prosecutor’s Office.

Therefore, signing the agreement represents an important step in application of regulations and it is in compliance with the best international standards.

Just Culture is not focused on penalising, but on necessity of obtaining and exchanging appropriate safety information, except in case of carelessness, premeditation and nuisance.

Signatories of the Agreement shall perform intensive exchange of information on crisis occurrences that influence the air transport safety, with observing all processes and establishment of balance between the need of judicial authorities for appropriate functioning and the need for continuous availability of safety information.