Once again, Montenegro has a representative in the governing structure of the European aviation institution


At the plenary session of the Directors General of the Civil Aviation Authorities held on 12 July 2021, the Director of the Civil Aviation Agency, Dragan Djurovic, is re-elected for the position of a member of the Coordinating Committee of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), that is consisted of 44 Member States. 

The actual ECAC Coordinating Committee is consisted of: the President Alessio Quaranta – Italy, vice presidents: Damien Cazé – France, Johann Friedrich Colsman – Germany, Raúl Medina Caballero – Spain, and members: Elisabeth Landrichter – Austria, Dragan Djurovic – Montenegro, Piotr Samson – Poland, Luis Miguel Ribeiro – Portugal, Gunnar Ljungberg – Sweden, Kemal Yüksek – Turkey and Rannia Leontaridi – the United Kingdom.

The election of the Agency director is the recognition of his personal engagement and very well noted results of the Civil Aviation Agency in development of aviation safety and security in Europe. 

That is also a significant recognition for Montenegro that has, for the first time in history, the representative in governing structures of some of the European aviation institutions. 
Djurovic is also elected for the position of a member of the JAA TO Foundation Board, the body with long tradition of providing trainings in the aviation industry

Apart from the function in the Coordinating Committee, at the proposal of the ECAC President, Alessio Quaranta, Djurovic was recommended for the position of the member of the Foundation Board of the Joint Aviation Authorities Training Organisation (JAA TO). Following the support given by all the colleagues directors, on 13 July Djurovic was elected for this position as well, in the ECAC associated body. 

The JAA TO has a history of more than 46 years of providing training to the aviation industry and appoints more than 500 training courses at the annual level at its principal place of business in Schipol - Rijk, the Netherlands, as well as on other locations.

The JAA TO Foundation Board is in charge for management of the organisation. Currently, the Board consists of Alessio Quaranta – the Chairman (Italy), Jaco Stremler – the member (the Netherlands) and Dragan Djurovic –  the member (Montenegro).