Press release

A workshop on the implementation of the Rules on technical requirements and administrative procedures for air transport operations was held at the Civil Aviation Agency

Based on the project tasks from the EZ 965/2012 Application Program (CAT Package), a workshop for operators on the implementation of Regulation 965/2012 was held on Friday, 13 December 2013.

Workshops were attended by representatives of Montenegro Airlines, DI AIR, SKY SAT.

The workshop was aimed at familiarizing aviation operators with new rules, procedures, activities, timelines and documentation that will be used in the process of adapting to the new Rules on technical requirements and administrative procedures for performing air transport operations.

Participants of the workshop by the Civil Aviation Agency presented the new regulations and the process of its implementation, and they are also familiar with the deadlines set before the operators, which must be fully aligned with the new regulations.

In the Safety Management System, the SMS system is presented, how it is implemented, what are the benefits of it and what problems the operators may encounter during its implementation.