Press Release

On the occasion of the extraordinary landing of the Boeing 737/200 aircraft company Aviogenex from Belgrade at the Podgorica Airport in Golubovci, the Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro provides:


The plane Boeing 737/200, Aviogenex from Belgrade, on charter flight AGX 384 from Zakynthos (Greece) to Belgrade (Serbia), with 16 passengers and 6 crew members, landed extraordinarily at Podgorica Airport in Golubovci at 10.34 local time.

The crew of the plane decided to land at the Podgorica airport from precaution because, as it reported to the Podgorica control of the flight, smoke in the passenger and flight cabin appeared.

Landing of the aircraft was done normally and without any consequences for passengers, crew, airplanes and third parties, with the complete coordination of the Flight Control and services of the Podgorica Airport.

Immediately after this event, Podgorica Air Traffic Control Agency informed the Civil Aviation Agency that immediately took measures to examine the event. Agency officials came to the site and collected all available information about the event.

According to preliminary findings, this event belongs to the category of extraordinary events. The Agency for Civil Aviation of Montenegro informed about this event the Directorate of Civil Aviation of the Republic of Serbia, in whose register the said aircraft is.

The causes of smoke in the passenger and cockpit will be known for detailed technical inspection by the technical service of Aviogenex and with the participation of the supervisor of the Civil Aviation Agency, after which a final report on the event will be made.

Agency for Civil Aviation

Radomir Janjušević