Radio Antena M: Praise the Agency from Paris

The Civil Aviation Agency received a special New Year greeting card from Paris - the Executive Secretary of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Salvatore Sakitano praised the efforts Dragan Djurovic, the director of the Agency, and his staff have invested in harmonizing the safety of air traffic in Montenegro with a key ECAC documents.

From the system that had many serious shortcomings, in the past years, as Shakitano states, a clear effort has resulted in a system in which only a small number of shortcomings have to be eliminated. He has agreed the importance of timely introduction of new measures such as ATM safety, introduction of secret tests for control quality of air traffic safety and regular updates of national security programs.

Salvatore Sakitano said that a turning point in cooperation between the ECAC and the Civil Aviation Agency was expressed, expressing the gratitude that Montenegro became a beneficiary country for contributing to the program of the European Civil Aviation Conference in the implementation of security responses as well as the state capacity building program Member.

As domestic media reported earlier, thanks to the Agency's policy to invest intensively in human resources training, Krsto Pavicevic's supervisor got a certificate to participate as a controller in ECAC control missions for air traffic safety. The agency financed its participation in the team of respondents who last year controlled security at the airport in Porto.

The Montenegrin Civil Aviation Agency has made remarkable progress in recent years, which was also noted by international missions that visit Montenegro every year. Personnel is perfectly teamed, its competence is evident, as well as the increase in its reputation in the region. It was, among other things, the reason that the first man of the European Commission for the field of transport, Director of the Transport Directorate Matias Rite, received the Director of the Agency Dragana at the end of last year Djurovic in Brussels, praised the progress and promised the Agency support in its mission of establishing European rules on the safety and security of air traffic.

Source: Radio Antena M