Law on Air Transport (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 30/2012)

          Amedment (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 30/2017 and 82/2020)

Law on amendments to the Law on ratification of the Multilateral Agreement on establishing the European Common Aviation Area (ECAA Agreement) (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro” No 62/2007 and “Official Gazette of Montenegro - international treaties” No 1/2011)

Law on Obligatory Insurance in Traffic (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 44/2012) (transposing Regulation (EC) No 785/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council)

Amendment (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 146/21)

Law on Obligations and Basics of Proprietary Right in Air Transport (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 18/2011)

          Amendment (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 46/2014 and 43/2018)

Law on Inspection Control (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro” No 29/2003,  “Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 76/2009 and 57/2011)

          Amendments (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 18/201411/2015 and 52/2016)

Law on Trasnport of Dangerous Goods (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 33/2014)

          Amendment (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 13/2018)

Labour Law (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 74/2019)

Law on Protection and Health at Work (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 43/2014) (partially transposing Directive No 2003/88 of the European Parliament and of the Council)

          Amendment (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 44/2018)

Regulation on air navigation certification and environment certification of aircraft and aeronautical products, parts and appliances and for certification of design and production organisations (Part 21) (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 53/2012) (transposing Commission Regulation No 748/2012)

          Ammendments (“Official Gazette of Montenegro”  10/201313/201457/201512/201743/2020 and 87/2020)

Ammendments (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 10/2013, No 13/2014 and  57/2015)

Regulation on content and manner of keeping Aeronautical personnel register (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 50/2013)

Ordinance on the establishment of a common scheme for the calculation of charges for air navigation services ( "Official Gazzete of Montenegro" No 27/2015) (Commission Regulation adopted (EU)  No 391/2013) (The rulebook is applied after Montenegro has been admitted into full EU membership)

Rulebook on how to transmit flight messages for announcing the coordination and handover of flights between air traffic control units ( "Official Gazette of Montenegro" No 47/2016) (Commission Regulation adopted (EU) No 633/2007) 

Rulebook on the conditions of use and classification of airspace ( "Official Gazette of Montenegro" No 52/2017)

Rulebook on the content and method of keeping the airport register ("Official Gazette of Montenegro" No 43/2017)

Law on protection of persons and property (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 43/2018)