Law on Air Transport (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 30/2012)

          Amedment (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 30/2017 and 82/2020)

Law on Inspection Control (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro” No 29/2003,  “Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 76/2009 and 57/2011)

          Amendments (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 18/201411/2015 and 52/2016)

Regulation on common rules in the field of civil aviation and establishing a European Union Aviation Safety Agency (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 138/21) (transposing Regulation No 2018/1139)

Regulation on areas, compartments, technical equipment and security check at aerodrome (”Official Gazette of the FRY” No 13/2000)

Regulation on groundhandling services of aircraft, passengers and cargo at the airport (“Official Gazette of the SFRY” No 66/87, 57/90, ”Official Gazette of the FRY” No 51/92 and 38/95)

Regulation on rescue and fire-fighting services at aerodromes (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 43/2020) (Application starts on 21 November 2020)

Regulation on standards and criteria for use of manouvering surfaces, facilities and equipement at aerodrome (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 29/2014)

       Amendments (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 56/2015, 19/20178/201871/20181/2020110/2020 and 26/2021)

Regulation on aerodrome capacity expanding and limiting, flight schedule harmonisation and allocation of slots (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 49/2014) (transposing Council Regulation 95/93) 

Regulation on criteria and standards for use of manouvering surfaces, facilities and equipement at helidrome (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 9/2015)

          Amendment  (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 58/2018 and 11/2021)

Regulation on groundhandling services (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 68/2015) (transposing Council Directive 96/67/EC) 

Rulebook on the content and method of keeping the airport register ("Official Gazette of Montenegro" No 43/2017)

Regulation on requirements and administrative procedures related to aerodromes ("Official Gazette of Montenegro" No 39/2018) (Transposing Commission Regulation (EU) No 139/2014)

          Amendment (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 55/2021)

Regulation on establishment of noise-related operating restrictions of aircrafts at airports (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” 80/2016) (transposing Regulation (EU) No 598/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council)

Order on time when aerodromes must be open to air traffic operations (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 110/2021)

        Amendment (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 115/2021)

Regulation on content and manner of keeping aerodromes register (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 43/2017)