Law on Air Transport (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 30/2012)

          Amedment (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 30/2017)

Law on Inspection Control (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro” No 29/2003,  “Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 76/2009 and 57/2011)

          Amendments (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 18/2014 and 11/2015)

Regulation on common rules in the field of civil aviation and the competences of the European Aviation Safety Agency  (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 22/2013) (transposing Commission Regulation No 216/2008)

          Amendment (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 15/2017)

Regulation laying down common airspace usage requirements and operating procedures for airborne collision avoidance(“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 48/2012) (transposing Commission Regulation No 1332/2011)

Amendment (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 22/2019)


Regulation on investigation of aircraft safety occurrences (“Official Gazette of the SFRY” No 79/87)

Regulation laying down technical requirements and administrative procedures related to air operations (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 31/2013) (transposing Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012)

          Amendments (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 24/201447/201456/201527/20166/201725/201738/201867/2018 and 21/2019)

Regulation on conditions for providing aerial work (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 4/2014)

Regulation on conditions for holding air-shows (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 24/2014)

          Amendment (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 63/2015)

Regulation on issuance of operating licence for commercial air transport (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 9/2015) (transposing Regulation No 1008/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council)

Regulation on harmozation of technical requirements and administrative procedures in the field of civil aviation (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 41/2018) (transposing Council Regulation  (EEC) No 3922/91)

Regulation laying down detailed rules for the operations of balloons (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 48/2018) (transposing Commission Regulation (EU) No 2018/395)

Regulation on establishment of noise-related operating restrictions of aircrafts at airports (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” 80/2016) (transposing Regulation (EU) No 598/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council)