COMMUNICATION for the holders of Montenegrin licenses for airborne personnel

The Agency for Civil Aviation reminds that on Monday, April 8, The Ordinance on the Crew of Aircraft ("Official Gazette of Montenegro" No. 8/2013), which regulates the area of ​​issuance, extension and renewal of licenses and authorizations of licenses of pilots and cabin crew, as well as the conditions for obtaining and extending the medical certificates of the holder of Montenegrin pilot licenses and (JAR-FCL 1); Ordinance on licenses and training centers for helicopter pilots (JAR-FCL 2); and the Ordinance on the Determination of the Medical Fitness of Aircraft Personnel in Civil Aviation (JAR-FCL 3).

Montenegrin license holders of pilots and cabin crew are obliged to get acquainted with the provisions of the new Ordinance on aircraft crew, differences in respect to the rules that have ceased to apply, and the rights and obligations they have in accordance with the new legislation.

In accordance with the Ordinance on Aircraft, if a pilot wishes to fly EASA with an approved aircraft, he must have a Part-FCL license, except for ultra-light aircraft, light gyros, amateur-built aircraft; former military aircraft; aircraft that fly using the leg of a pilot; historical aircraft.

It is important to note that by the entry into force of this Rulebook there have been significant changes in the field of examiners. Namely, in the new system there are certain preconditions that need to be met by a person who wants to become an examiner, after which the appropriate certificate is awarded by the Civil Aviation Agency. Such persons shall be designated as Montenegrin examiners, while examiners certified by the aviation authorities of other countries may be accepted by the Civil Aviation Agency if they fulfill certain conditions laid down before them by this Regulation, as well as after completing and signing the Briefing Forms and submitting these documents to the Agency for civil aviation.

A list of Montenegrin examiners and non-Montenegrin interviewers is published on the Agency's website, as well as a briefing form to be filled out and delivered by non-Montenegro examiners.

You can find the forms in the PEL section, on this link.