An interview with the Director of the Civil Aviation Agency, Mr Dragan Đurović, regarding the 5th anniversary from the establishment of the Agency

Podgorica, (MINA) - the Director of the Civil Aviation Agency, Mr Dragan Đurović, has stated that the highest European standards are being implemented in Montenegro in this area, and main challenges to be met include human resources, strengthening of safety systems, and strict enforcement on international and national regulations.
On the occasion of the fifth anniversary from the establishment of the Agency, Mr Đurović stated that the civil aviation system ensures stable safety and security of air transport in Montenegro.

“For the first time in its history, since the first airplane flew over Obilića poljana in Cetinje, Montenegro has its civil aviation authorities, competent and respectable”, Mr Đurović said in the interview to MINA Agency.

According to his words, it is the achievement of the Civil Aviation Agency that a system with a lot of disadvantages turned into a system providing stable safety and security of civil aviation in Montenegro.

“This was not achieved easily, but thanks to good human resources structure and committed application of laws and international standards, the Agency has become not only stable system institution but a role model for aviation authorities in the region”, Mr Đurović said.

He believes, as the director of the Civil Aviation Agency, that Montenegro has significant potential regarding the human resources in civil aviation.

“In previous period, we have managed to engage significant number of people with good experience in civil aviation. It was a dominant criteria we had on our mind”, Mr Đurović said.

He also stated that young people with appropriate university education were engaged, and the Agency also provides scholarships for students who study at aeronautical faculties in abroad.

“The Civil Aviation Agency believes that the need for permanent education and training is an imperative, in order not to be late in following dynamic civil aviation world trends. It is one of the reasons why we made such a progress when compared to the previous period, and why we get compliments regarding our work from all important civil aviation bodies”, Mr Đurović stated.

The highest officials from the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) paid the first official visit to Montenegro in the beginning of 2014, and Mr Đurović has reminded that their main impressions were existence of the highest European standards and their implementation.

“The president of the ECAC was very impressed and he spoke highly of great level of Agency expertise and its commitment to implementation of the most modern security standards. Heads of the ECAC believe that the model of work, organization and funding of the Agency can serve as a role model for the entire region”, Mr Đurović stated.

Mr Đurović considers it to be recognition for both the Agency and Montenegro, and a significant contribution to Euro-Atlantic integration process.

“Our achievements in such a short notice are proof or having qualified human resources and possibility to identify priorities in civil aviation development”, Mr Đurović stated.

When the statement of Mr Catalin Radu, the president of the ECAC, regarding the significant personal contribution of Mr Đurović to the achievements of the Agency was mentioned, he said that the role of the head of the Agency is very important, but without “the team spirit and joint efforts in making a good Agency, it would be very difficult”.

Mr Đurović emphasised that the Agency has a great cooperation in the whole region, which results in good achievements.

“We had the most capacities to initiate and achieve leadership in regional cooperation programme covering the area of providing aeronautical services. We also have good cooperation with the countries outside the region, namely with aviation authorities of France”, he added.

This year Montenegro is a part of One Stop Security project, a Mr Đurović has reminded that Montenegro was chosen among other tough competitors, thanks to good results in the area of security.

“The project realisation is on and the ECAC control at national level is over and it was successful. Control of both airports in Montenegro is yet to come. Hopefully, after the successful project termination, we look forward to hear the statement that Montenegro meets aviation security standards similar to the European Union member states”, he stated.

Mr Đurović clarified this in an example, he said that the passenger control on route Podgorica-Vienna-Paris performed in Podgorica shall be treated as conducted at the EU airport.

“And there is not going to be another control in Vienna, as now. When it happens, we shall be part of Europe in this area before the formal membership. I believe our citizens will find traveling to the EU member states much easier”, he stated.

Mr Đurović said that the significant part of Montenegrin regulations in the area of civil aviation has already been aligned with the European regulations.

According to his words, in implementation of Multilateral Agreement on establishment of European Common Aviation Area, the Agency has, with consent of the Ministry of Air Transport and Maritime Affairs, adopted many Rulebooks and Regulations in which it transposes Regulations of the European Commission.

Mr Đurović said that in future period, the Agency is going to face main challenges, such as human resources improvement, strict enforcement on international and national regulations and further strengthening of civil aviation safety and security systems in Montenegro.

Source: Mina
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