The workshop named “SMS – Basics, Regulatory Obligations and Implementation Experiences” has taken place within the premises of the Civil Aviation Agency

The workshop was attended by 19 representatives of the following aviation entities: Public Enterprise Aerodromi Crne Gore (Airport Podgorica and Airport Tivat), Montenegro Airlines, Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA IIc Belgrade and Airways Montenegro. Workshop lecturers were representatives of Montenegro Civil Aviation Agency.
The workshop objective was exchange of actual experience and improvement of SMS implementation process, legal obligations regarding the need of development of own SMSs, and improvement of overall safety culture. The SMS system was presented, the way of its implementation, its benefits and problems the aviation entities can face during its implementation.

The topics presented at the workshop were referring to:
 - SMS – introduction,
 - SMS – implementation,
 - SMS – experience and recommendations from single aviation entity SMS certification process,
 - SMS development, from reactive to proactive.

Workshop participants were able to clarify all pending issues in this area with lecturers in open discussion.

This type of experience exchange improves understanding of what is expected from every interested party regarding the activities in the field of SMS, primarily through removal of identified deficiencies in actual systems.

The anonymous survey took place at the end of the workshop. The objective had investigative nature, and it refers to the assessment of workshop participants’ opinion regarding the very workshop and topics of it. Majority of participants rated the workshop as excellent, and small part as very good.

In the survey, workshop participants stated the interesting topics as occasion for future similar gatherings, and the CAA representatives shall take it in consideration when organising future workshops.

Workshop presentations: